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Pummel Party 1.9.1 Releases A New Map, Great Minigames, Workshop Teaser And More

Pummel Party 1.9.1 Releases A New Map, Great Minigames, Workshop Teaser And More thumb

Here comes the latest update for Pummel Party! Are you ready for a fresh experience with Pummel Party 1.9.1? This update covers a wide array of new content, improvements, and bug fixes that help better your gameplay a lot. Let’s check it out now! New content added to Pummel Party update 1.9.1 Overgrowth Map The new Overgrowth Map in Pummel ...

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Pummel Party Update 1.7.1 Brings Pummel Awards, New Minigames, Rulesets, Post-Game Statistics And Other New Items

Pummel Party game is back with another awesome update! Your gaming experience will be taken to the next level thanks to Pummel Party Update 1.7.1 that includes new features and content updates. Make sure you deeply plunge into Pummel Awards, Minigames, Rulesets, Game Statistics, and more in Pummel Party. Check them out now! What’s new in Pummel Party Update 1.7.1? ...

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Pummel Party Update 1.5.1 Added Two New Minigames

Pummel party update 1.5.1

Pummel Party update 1.5.1 is finally out! Be sure to check out this new update to learn new content updates and a few things fixed for a better game experience. Below here are the full patch notes v1.5.1 of Pummel Party. Let’s have a look at it now! Pummel Party Patch Notes v1.5.1 In this update 1.5.1, you will get ...

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Pummel Party Update 1.6.1: Increased To 8 Players, Added A New Board Map, And An Alternative Map For Minigames

Pummel Party Update

Here comes the Pummel Party update 1.6.1! The new update is finally out on occasion of its one-year anniversary, featuring a new map, minigame variants, and more other content updates, especially the big change made to the number of online players. Time to dive into this awesome update for the Pummel Party game! What’s new in the update 1.6.1 of Pummel ...

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