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Pummel Party APK Free Download

Pummel Party APK
Pummel Party APK

Pummel Party APK free download is a local-multiplayer party game developed and published by Rebuilt Games. Besides, downloading Pummel Party game from Steam, now, you can totally play it on your Android devices using an APK file. If you are searching for a new game with unique gameplay mechanics, Pummel Party APK is the game for you!

About Pummel Party APK

Pummel Party is an action-packed multiplayer game where 4 or 8 players compete against each other in a match. You and others enter a party world. Your mission is to strike all enemies or AI by using a variety of absurd items in the board mode. Or, you can join various minigames where you battle against other skilled players and also, you must defeat them all for your victory.

The main objective of the Pummel Party action game is to survive and defeat all of your opponents for the highest score. Also, you will try to get some points then use them to unlock new characters!

In-game features

Online and local-multiplayer matches

There will be 1 to 8 players fighting one another in online or locally matches on the same screen. You can play the game how you want! Just make sure you will try your best to defeat your friends!

A nice board mode

You should know that the objective of the Pummel Party game is to become the ultimate winner! There can be only one winner at the end of the match, so try your best to achieve it! You will make your way through lots of hazards to get various weapons and items then make use of them to deal damage to your opponents.

Diverse items to use

It’s all about epic battles! But, you are equipped with various weapons and items to fight your way to victory. There are lots of items with different characteristics, especially the simple ‘Punching Glove’ and the ‘Remote Controlled Eggplant’. Make use of them to outplay your opponents!

Various minigames to master

There is a wide range of interesting minigames for players to play in Pummel Party free download. Most of them feature fun and unique gameplay mechanics to explore. Feel free to defeat your friends in to the abyss in “Snowy Spin”, dig into “Sandy Search” and try to become the first player finding the treasure. Or, if you play “Explosive Exchange”, you should not hold the bomb when it goes off.

Play minigame mode as much as you want

If you want to perform the action right away, don’t worry, a minigame mode is featured in Pummel Party game it is ready to serve you! Take part in the minigame mode and you will directly enter the games!


Besides real players, you can play Pummel Party against bots! The game features various bots that help you practice your skills before you play a match with real players!

Download Pummel Party APK for free

Pummel Party APK is free to download now! Rather than downloading it on Steam, you can now download and install Pummel Party on your Android device using an APK file. Follow the link below to download Pummel Party APK game for free!

Download Pummel game party APK

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